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Hair, Skin & Nails Reviews:

I have found an improvement in my skin and nails, since using this product, so I will definitely carry on using it.

I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I take it as directed and my hair has gotten better. Hormonal changes due to menopause has caused me to lose 1/3 of my hair volume, so I will continue to use this to see how much better it can get. I did not buy the product for my nails, but they have gotten stronger as well. Thanks for making this stuff :-)

The hair, skin and nails product is quite good, l have experience hair loss for decade due to over processing, l had to cut my hair low because my hair was falling off very fast. when l started using this product l take 2 caps daily under 2 week l noticed growth and increase my hair stopped falling off my skin is looking beautiful and smooth my nails are strong. Though l use other products with it because l suffer dandruff. l will continue to use and will recommend to friends.

As my 40th birthday approached – I noticed my hair did not have the body or the thickness that it once did. I started asking friends if they knew of anything holistic to combat my issues. One friend recommended Hair, Skin and Nails by Supplement Spot and also Dutch Greens for overall health benefits. I started taking both and now can’t imagine life without them. My hair dresser can’t believe how much more hair I have now that I take the vitamins. I recently had a minor surgery and had to stop taking all medicines and vitamins for 3 weeks before – my nails all broke off, my hair suffered and my overall energy was lower. My digestion was negatively affected going without my daily drink of Dutch Greens. Dutch Greens has become my afternoon snack/energy booster – I drink it along with a glass of water and it gives me the energy to chase after my 15 month twins for the rest of the afternoon. It also helps tremendously with digestion I have even lost 2 -3 lbs without even trying – I think Dutch Greens helps regulate and balance my appetite – I can’t say enough good things about both products

This product proved to be very effective in not only producing healthy nails but also in stopping hair loss and providing more growth and luster.... It was also good for the skin with signs of improved softness.
Thanks for your interest!

.I have been taking these capsules for six weeks, and I have already noticed a considerable improvement. I don't lose as much hair in the shower, or while styling my hair. I don't know what it's supposed to do for the skin, and I haven't seen an improvement on my nails, but nothing has ever helped my thin brittle nails. I only bought it because I was losing a lot of hair, and I'm growing it out, I wanted a nice thick mane. I'm very happy with this product and will continue to order it.