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New & Improved!
Healing Salve

Fast Acting Salve for Bed Sores, Burns, Scrapes and Scratches,  and Wound Dressings. Promotes Faster Healing of the Skin.



MATTHERMA™ is the favorite of Compounding pharmacist Greg Matthews. Greg owns Workers Choice Pharmacy in El Paso, Texas, and developed this cream for local physicians and nursing homes requiring a soothing, fast acting salve for bed sores, burns, scrapes and scratches, and wound dressings. It is also effective in the prevention of MRSA skin infections, and a favorite of nursing home and hospice nurses.

MATTHERMA™ is formulated with the finest herbs and oils, including almond oil, olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, tea tree oil, beeswax and zinc oxide. Perfect for diabetic feet, ostomy patients, to heal or prevent bed sores, to compliment steroid creams for psoriasis and ezcema, for dermatitus, burns, and even cuts and scratches. It is an all-around healing cream no one should be without.


Mattherma contains: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Bees Wax Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide


MATTHERMA™ is the only wound care product that actually promotes the healing of pressure ulcers, also known as bed sores, pressure sores or decubitus ulcers. It accomplishes this by stimulating the formation of new blood vessels in the wound bed and promotes the growth of new tissue (granulation tissue) to heal open wounds. It's pure natural oils act as barrier and as moisturizing agents that keep the wound moist (very important for chronic wound healing). The oils appear to help skin that has poor circulation. Poor circulation meant fewer nutrients to the debilitated skin. These oils help be directly providing some needed nutrients topicallly. The result is the skin can literally heal over night. Apply at least once daily at bedtime and you will see the difference when you wake up.

The tea tree oil is imported from Australia has recognized antibacterial properties and is effective against a broad range of both bacteria that infect pressure ulcers, including MRSA. Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a common wound pathogen that infects wounds and prevents them from healing. In addition, this salve help clean the pressure sores of offensive discharges and dying tissues. It is safe for daily use.

Physicians prescribing this cream have report there is no better wound healing cream available anywhere. It is essential for the treatment of hospice, nursing home, and home bed-ridden patients.

We have a full line of powerful infection fighting natural supplements physician recommended for the prevention and treatment of both viral and bacterial infections.


   I purchased Matherma Salve around 6 months ago for the purpose of healing a bed sore on my father. It worked wonderfully!! But the thing I wanted to tell you was that it also works miraculously on burns!!

   I was using a curling iron on my mom's hair and wasn't paying attention when I picked up the curing iron by the barrel (the hot end). I quickly dropped the iron but felt the deep heat and burning in my whole hand from the instant burn. For some reason, I thought about the Matherma Salve and put some on the burn. I couldn't believe the immediate feeling of relief!!! The burn never even turned red!

   I thought that this could have been just a fluke, but weeks later I received another burn on my finger from the oven. I didn't have the salve available to me for several hours. The burn had begun to blister but I decided to try the Matherma Salve once again. The same results occurred. The burning was gone immediately and the blister went away overnight.

   I was researching some other natural cures on the internet today and came across your site offering the product I was searching for. And because I had experienced such a great product from you the first time, I chose your company over hundreds of others on the internet to make my purchase.  Thanks for offering such high quality products. I am hoping that your Beta Glucan works as well for me as the Mattherma did. Thanks again, Patty M, St Louis, MO.

   "I have to let you know what a great results we got when using your Mattherma skin ointment. My husband is insulin dependent, with poor feeling in his feet. He got a terrible infection in his foot that required extensive surgical cutting to remove infected tissue which left him with a gaping hole in his foot, even a tendon exposed. I did twice daily dressings and after 4 months it had healed to a fifty cent size opening, but nothing would get it to heal any farther. I went on line to see if I could find anything to use, after his surgeon prescribed a topical medicine that cost 400 dollars for one-half ounce, and it did absolutely nothing! Ordered your product and got it two days later. Used it that night, and by morning he already had skin beginning to granulated around one edge of the wound. Now after 3 weeks the area is almost healed! I am a nurse, and could not believe how fast this ointment worked! I had read the letters people had written about this stuff, but was very skeptical. I am not any more! We are very grateful, as now he can get back to living again, instead of sitting around with his foot elevated. Thank you!" Sallie and Bill P.

   "I have found no better solution to allieviating bed sores in my nursing home patients. I was skeptical at first but th eresults were nearly overnight. Please enter my regular order for one gross (144 bottles) to be shipped on the first of each month." J.P. Leguas, RPN, Oxford, California.

   "My husband is a diabetic (insulin dependent) and on oxygen 100% of the time. He also has high blood pressure. The Healing properties of the Mattherma Haling Salve are truly amazing. My husband has many open cracks on his feet. I cleaned his feet and applied Matthermna Healing Salve. Within 2 days those cracks were closed and healed. Now I use it on his feet after every bath. He has not had any more cracks on his skin." D. Smith, El Paso, TX

   I am currently using a new product called MATTHERMA HEALING SALVE which my Pharmacist Greg Matthews sells n his pharmacy. I have been using this product for two months and it works great for me. I finally got rid of a bad rash by using MATTHREMA daily. I also had discoleration on my skin. After using the cream it has changed back to my normal color. Vanessa A., El Paso, Texas

   I had a skin rash for more than a year before I discovered "Mattherma Healing Salve." It stops the itch almost instantly. I highly recommend it. D.B.D., El Paso, TX.

  "I will never be without my MATTHERMA. Nothing works any better on my leg ulcers." Johnny Reynolds, Vancouver, B.C.

  "My husband is a diabetic (insulin depndent)and on oxygen 100% of the time. He also has high blood pressure. The healing properties of Mattherma Healing Salve are amazing. My husband had some open cracks on his feet. I cleaned his feet and applied Mattherma Healing Salve. Within 2 days those cracks were healed and closed. Now, I use it on his feet after every bath. He has not had any more cracks on his skin."

   "Thanks Dr. Matthews. I am a lot more comfortable after using your salve." Dustin Myers, Cheyenne, Wyoming

   "I have had psoriasis on me fingers for years and have tried every lotion and potion that I ever heard of. It's always been embarrassing because I like a good manicure. People would look at my hands and tell me they like the color of my polish but didn't say anything about my fingers. I know they were just being kind. I heard of Skin Cap and ordered some from Young Again and received MATTHERMA™ Healing Salve free with purchase. I really haven't used the skin cap too much, but when they first arrived I would spray on the skin cap and then lather up with MATTHERMA™ Healing Salve. .. My hands are free of any cracks and peeling skin. It's a MIRACLE!!! Now I carry a jar with me at all times and put a little on as one would hand cream. I have a jar by my bed, one in my purse, one in the kitchen and wherever I am I can put a little on and keep my hands in check. I saw my hands getting better in just a few days and in a couple of weeks - nothing! My thumbs tried to break out, but the continual use has kept them in check. Thank you so much for this product. I never thought I would find anything that would bring complete healing to my hands! Thank you soooooo much,' Marion M. Stout Boston, Ma


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Mattherma contains: Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Petroleum Jelly, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Bees Wax Tea Tree Oil, Zinc Oxide

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