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Life Without Pain?

~By Total Image
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This is the original New Image Plus and Total with the famous great formulas that we all remember taking. First it was New Image; remember them back in the 90's? Then with a merger, it became Liquidity.  Enough said.  Now they are back as Total Image with all the original New Image formulas by the original owners. The good news is that our customers are happy that these products are back to stay!

New Image Products:
Plus and Total --  Experience life without pain.... Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Weight gain,  Sinus problems, Lupus, Headaches, Migraines,
and much more...



TOTAL  is the most powerful, balanced, complete antioxidant yet discovered and is now  available in this country! "Eight out of ten doctors use an antioxidant for long term health" -- From the 1992 MEDICAL TRIBUNE

For maximum health, energy and well-being, use in combination with New Image PlusNew Image Plus is EXCELLENT for weight loss because it trims your body of  fat; however, if you are already trim, you don't have to worry about losing weight because it doesn't work that way!

The following has been documented in the research of Dr. Richard Passwater, Dr. Jacques Masquelier, Dr. Morton Wallace, the Pasteur & Huntington Institutes and seven other leading Universities in Europe:

Helps Improve Circulation
Strengthens Capillaries
Helps Repair Arteriosclerosis
Resists Mutagen Attacks
Resists Oxidized LDL
Reduces Capillary Fragility
Helps Reduce Varicose Veins
Improves Skin Smoothness
Improves Joint Flexibility
Fights Inflammation
Helps Prevent Ulcer Formation
Helps reduce Stress/Depression
Works to Lower Cholesterol
Reduces Muscle Cramps
Decreases Hemorrhoidal/Prostate Swelling
Decreases Allergies/Hay fever
Helps Retard Aging
Reduces Risk of Vascular Disease
Subdues Allergic Reactions
Helps Prevent Wrinkling of the Skin
Helps Asthma/Bronchitis
Helps Cataracts/Glaucoma
Reduces Infection/Flu/Cold
Reduces Skin Problems
Helps Cut Lipid Peroxidation
Helps Lower Histamine Levels
Helps Reduce Risk of Cancer
Helps Reduce Risk of Stroke
Helps Reduce Risk of Phlebitis
Helps Diminish Lower Leg Blood Volume
Enhances Immune Resistance
Faster healing
Reduces Gout
Helps Diabetes
Helps Respiratory Inflammation
Reduces Menopause/PMS/Cramps
Helps Prevent Fat Formation/Celluitis
Reduces Diabetic Retinopathy
Strengthens Arteries and Veins
Helps Repair Artery Linings
Resists Free Radicals
Resists Peroxide Build-up
Improves Cellular Nutrition
Helps Reduce Edematous Legs
Improves Cell Collagen/Elasticity
Helps Alzheimer's
Helps Prevent Bruising/Cracking
Helps Reduce Eczema
Increases Energy, Less Fatigue
Helps Reduce Blood Volume
Helps Fibromyalgia
Helps Reduce Arthritis Pain
Helps Reduce Headache Pain
Helps Decrease MS Inflammation
Helps Reduce Spasms
Helps With Macular Degeneration
Helps reduce Risk of Parkinson's
Helps Penetrate Blood Brain Barrier
Reduces Risk of Sports Injury
Helps Protect From Sunlight, water, Air, Pollution, Smoke and Drugs, Alcohol, and all free radical producers.

What are free radicals?  Oxygenated free radicals are unstable molecules with an extra electron which is either taken from or added to adjacent molecules thereby altering their chemistry.  They are drawn to cell walls where they damage proteins and genetic material.  The reported effects of surplus oxygenated free radicals in the human body are multiple and, in many cases, ultimately fatal.  Indeed, according to recent studies, more than 60 diseases are traceable, at least in part, to an excess of free radicals.  Antioxidants are enemies of and neutralize the effects of free radicals.  Antioxidants include Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Beta-Carotene, Bio-flavonoids and a host of other less known chemicals.  One of the most potent antioxidants is OPC.  OPC's, also called Proantho-cyanidins, are a blend of special nutrients called flavonoids, and can be extracted from grape seeds or pine bark.

New Image Total is the antioxidant of the future.  The long standing controversy about which is best, pine bark or grape seed, is finally settled.  New Image Total gives the consumer the benefits of both forms of Proanthocyanidins.  When you add to the formula Blue Green Algae plus 10 other tremendous nutrients, you end up with the most powerful, total antioxidant on the market today.  New Image Total Pycnogenol contains only the original pharmaceutical grade standard Oligomeric Proantho-cyanidin extracts, and it's Pycnogenols are protected under the U.S. Patent 4698360.

Why New Image Total?  Should you use Pine Bark or Grape seed Extract??? New Image Total has the answer:  If it is proanthocyanidins you are seeking, Grape seed Extract may be your preferred choice.  If you are looking for a full spectrum of bioactive compounds of a natural extract, research indicates Pine Bark has the edge.  However, if you are looking for the best of both worlds, the answer for you is New Image Total.  Evaluate the ingredients and you will surely agree that New Image Total offers you much more for your money. 
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