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Wild Yam Products

By At Last Naturals -- Choose from Wild Yam Cream or Wild Yam Gel, 2 ounces each.

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NOW PARABEN FREE!! Wild Yam Cream~A Diosgenin rich; topically applied product that is easily absorbed and has great moisturizing properties. Now women can safely balance their bodies  and boost their feeling of well being by utilizing the phytohormones wild yams and other herbs in the original Born Again brand by At Last Naturals. Now packaged only in sanitary tubes for your convenience. Does not contain progesterone.

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At Last Naturals/formerly Born Again Wild Yam Cream ...Now there is a natural alternative for menopause/PMS relief, hot flashes  and hormone imbalance.  Women can safely balance their bodies and boost their feeling of well being by utilizing the phytohormones from wild yams and other herbs.  Wild Yam is a rich source of Diosgenin, a precursor to Progesterone.  The Born Again formula is verified by an independent laboratory analysis to contain the highest strength extract of this important ingredient compared to other products.  Unlike other products that use powdered root, only Born Again is made from fresh whole Mexican Wild Yam Root and undergoes a complex six week extraction process that begins within 30 seconds of the root first being chopped.  This insures that freshness and potency are at their peak.  Wild Yam Cream absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy after-feel.  Born Again contains no fragrances, colors or animal products, and is not tested on animals.  So you can be sure that you're getting the most effective, natural and safe wild Yam products available anywhere to assist you with your PMS or menopause symptoms.
MG. Content: The CREAM contains 1,900 mg. per 2 oz jar of wild Mexican yam

MG. Content: The GEL is extra strength and contains 3.900 mg per 2 oz jar of Wild Mexican Yam.

Wild Yam Extract
Aloe Vera Gel
Soybean Oil
Stearic Acid
Cetyl Alcohol
Vitamin E
Ascorbic Acid
Potassium Sorbate
Sodium Benzoate
Sorbic Acid

The product is fragrance free and contains no animal by-products and no animal testing was used on this product. This product does not contain progesterone, mineral oil, or petroleum. This is a very effective, safe, all natural wild yam cream product that acts like a progesterone cream.  Note: If you want a stronger product, see this product:  Wild Yam Gel-Extra Strength

Wild Yam Cream (10%)
Wild Yam Extra Strength Gel (12%)
This product contains a double strength extract  of the Mexican Wild Yam Root--a rich source of diosgenin -- please note  that the formula is patented so exact amounts of each ingredient are not listed, just what is in it.


Brief History

Wild Yam has been used by many cultures for over 2,000 years.  In Chinese medicine it was first mentioned in the Pen Tsao Ching in 26 B.C.

In the 1800's, Lydia Pinkham's tonic for women had many of the herbs that are found to be the most effective for the menopause symptom.  Wild Yam was in the original formula along with fengreek, gotu kola, sarsaparilla, and licorice root.  In the 1940's, the scientific community discovered wild yam.  An article published by Professor Russell Marker showed progesterone and estrogen could be inexpensively synthesized from diosgenin.  Until then, production of these was based upon costly multi-step extractions from animals.

Today, wild yams are a primary source for semi-synthetic progesterone (Progesterone USP), DHEA, and other hormones.  Recently, Wild Yam has gained notoriety as one of nature's best sources of phytohormones.  The use of Wild Yam can offer the user relief with no side effects or toxicity unlike the prescription counterparts.

Important Features in choosing a wild yam cream

When choosing a wild yam cream, there are a few things you should know.  Look where the Wild Yam is listed on the ingredient disclosure.  As we all know, it if is listed as the first ingredient, it legally has to be there in the highest quantity.  Disregard percentages based on labels; they are misleading.  Manufacturers find ways to inflate their percentages to make inferior quality products sound better than they actually are.  Look for minimal ingredient formulas that do not contain extraneous ingredients which do nothing except dilute the effectiveness of the Wild Yam.  We call them "label enhancers."  Find out where the Wild Yam comes from.  Is it from Mexico?  It better be.  Does the product utilize fresh root in its formation or does it use powdered root?  Obviously fresh is better.  The quality of the extract used in the product is an extremely important factor when choosing a Wild Yam cream.

The most important consideration is to determine whether or not you want or need a cream that contains progesterone (a chemically derived hormone) or a product that contains the tools the body needs (precursors) to help stimulate progesterone levels.  It is safer and more natural to give the body a very strong formula containing the precursors to progesterone rather than the hormone itself.

The so-called "natural progesterone" products available are misleading the consumer on two levels.  Firstly, there is no such thing as natural progesterone except the progesterone that the body makes.  The progesterone available to manufacturers is all chemically synthesized in the laboratory and sold by large chemical supply houses.  Secondly, the amounts that the many companies put into their formulas are minimal and merely act as ingredient disclosure enhancers.  Born Again Wild Cream is the strongest Wild Yam Cream available.  It utilizes only fresh whole Mexican Wild Yam root.  It has minimal ingredient formula with Wild Yam extract listed as the first ingredient.  To further demonstrate the effectiveness of the Born again Wild Yam cream, an independent laboratory had Born again tested for precursor content (diosgenin) and found that:  Born Again Wild Yam Cream has a higher precursor content than any other cream on the market.  If you feel you are experiencing the symptoms of early menopause, try the cream.  It is wonderful for hot flashes and moodiness associated with menopause.  It is very affordable and very effective.


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Mexican yam has long had a reputation as a woman's herb. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, wild yam was used to treat menstrual pain and conditions related to childbirth. Pregnant women used wild yam to combat nausea, ease aching muscles, and prevent miscarriages.

Wild yam was also used as a colic remedy. Furthermore, the plant's anti-inflammatory properties were thought to be effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

Most of those uses were forgotten after Japanese researchers in 1936 discovered that wild yam contained diosgenin, a chemical that scientist Russell Marker used in the 1940s to create synthetic progesterone and the hormone DHEA.

~Source:  Alternative Medicine Encyclopedia

USDA National Nutrient DataBase


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